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Enterprise Content Management
Understanding the Basics of How to Go Paperless

Organizations specializing in product manufacturing face the challenges of ever-shorter development cycles, while maintaining strict compliance to US and international regulations. The need for speed and efficiency is driven by competitive market demands; and the failure to meet compliance standards can result in costly delays and even penalties. In order to maintain compliance, organizations are pressured to process vast amounts of important paper and electronic data related to all phases of the product including development, testing, submission, and more.

Customer centric organizations constantly strive to provide superior customer satisfaction by maintaining and improving customer loyalty while reducing operating costs. To achieve greater customer satisfaction, customer service departments need the right information at the right time.

To become a truly efficient and productive manufacturer or customer centric organization, businesses need a comprehensive enterprise content management system that encompasses content, document, process, record, and report management.

SoluSoft has a suite of web based enterprise content management products that help organization better manage the creation, capture, revision, approval, consumption, storage, retrieval, retention, purge and collaboration of content and documents related to their business process with finer security and compliance. The information related to content and document is in either in the form of a scanned image off a paper document, an electronic file (word, execl, pdf, etc), a database record, main frame print stream, an email or off an internet form. SoluSoft’s products span the entire spectrum of enterprise content management solutions, particularly on document and content intensive processes of an organization.

In essence SoluSoft’s ECM suite encompasses Capture, Document Management, Process Management, Record Management and Archive Management.